Stage Crew Productions and Entertainments.

We are a small company based in Plymouth with huge ambitions that has been formed in 2014 to create quality, variety and to support amateur performers and theater groups to help spread their wings and build their acts to a professional level. 


Also we offer technical event support for all events, from community events, charity events, corporate events,

new business launches, school Proms and weddings 


We can provide a range of equipment to the entertainment industry.

We are able to supply you with LED lighting and stage lighting. we also have stage PA systems which will run at 1600 watts for normal events, These systems are active or passive systems.

The systems we supply include speakers, amps, mixing desk(s) and microphones along with all of the processing and cabling required for a professional performance.

All of our equipment is available either individually or as a flexible and configurable package. Systems are provided with or without engineers or technicians to set up and run all of the equipment for the duration of your event. 

We have freelance crew members, including a qualified electrician, and have been running for 8 years.

Between us we have 15 years of experience within the industry.

Stage Crew Productions and Entertainment can also install lighting and PA systems in any sort of hall, room or building.

We offer a maintenance service, together with theater support, music production and audio mastering for theater companies and media.
We can now offer P.A.T Testing on all class 1 ,2 and 3 electrical product's.